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I specialize in small group tours of 25 – 45 age and, +50 active seniors and couples travel together, from 6 – 8 guest, as well bespoke trips for guests that are looking for a private travel experience with their own group of friends or families.

I organize my tours according to the group category with the most authentic, adventurous and sociable trips, always with the most enjoyable personal travel experience in mind; in places that I consider my home where I have lived, with great life experience, knowledge of the culture and local language.

I personally plan, promote and operate each of my tours, from the time you start our 30 minutes’ free phone call consultation and, submit your request to the moment your visit ends. I will assist you in any way needed to create your best possible travel experience.

Let me take the stress out of planning your travel, taking care of all your travel arrangements, sightseeing and activities, I will be with you as your personal travel companion each day making you feel more confident and enjoying your vacation.



Bogotá – Cartagena – Medellín

Small Group 8 People

Spot Left 6

Bogotá – Cartagena – Santa Marta – Medellín

Small Group 8 People

Spot Left 6

Bogotá – Cartagena – Coffee Region – Medellín

Small Group 8 People

Spot Left 6


Non-Strenuous Itineraries

My tours run from 8 to 12 days’ length, not too many cities to visit, and minimum three nights at each location, very occasionally 2 nights, avoiding packing unpacking every single day. This is a good way to have time to relax and really enjoy places, local tradition and gastronomy in a good comfortable pace.

Customer Care Orientated

From the moment you book your 30´minutes free consultation to the end of your visit, I provide you with my personal assistance and the best of my knowledge to give you a good orientation before you book one of my tours and bringing you a memorable travel experience once you join me in my tour.

My tours are designed mostly for seniors’ travelers, but also like-minded people. I love and enjoy being a great help in each step of their trip carefully curate each journey with heart soul and passion.

Premium and Exclusive Tours

My tour company essentially works with a website, two people and our local suppliers at each destination which I consider part of us. This structure with a low overhead costs enable us to provide a premium service for a reasonable price.

I do not market to the masses, not either offer dozens of trip every month or passing my travelers off to an outside contractor. I will be always caring and guiding my guest at each location.

Small Groups Sized

Traveling in a small group between 6 – 8 guests create more intimate and private travel experience. You get more personal attention on every detail of your trip, it makes easier to move around, do more sightseeing and organize all the activities with less waiting time and more time enjoying.

Join me in one of the tours I run every year with friend’s family, in couples or single around other like-minded people or simply gather your private group of friends or family, set up dates, book your 30´minutes free consultation and come away with lasting friendships and fond memories.

Most of the people who join my tours are referrals from other traveler.

Two Cultures & Selected Destinations

Being born in Colombia and living in England and Spain gives me a good knowledge, and a sense of local flavor in the places where I lead my tours.

Despite of my extensively travel experience in almost all the European and South American countries, I have created strength knowledge and cultural bonds by experiencing and living although on day- to day lives in England, Spain and Italy in Europe, as well as Colombia and Panama in South America.

I want to share all my experience assisting you to interact between you and the culture of the places I know as the back of my hand.

Travel Arrangements

Normally our hotels are boutique hotels, and well rated hotels very well located with all the facilities to make you feel comfortable, and easy to get around the city with good transportation, restaurants and shops nearby.

We use private local mini vans; trains and buses whenever are more convenient for your touring also regular walking inside the city.

We use private local mini vans; trains and buses whenever are more convenient for your touring also regular walking inside the city.