Reasons to visit Madrid, the Iberian pearl

Within the framework of what we can categorize as urban tourism, Madrid, the capital of Spain, was never just a big city packed with shops, cars and traffic lights. We are talking about a city with countless attractions mined with contrasts, where the one that stands out the most is the perfect conjunction between a history of enormous wealth and a modernity that has flourished especially in the last two decades. I propose you to know some of the reasons to visit Madrid, the Iberian pearl.

Madrid as capital

Madrid has been the capital of Spain since 1561, when Felipe II named it as such. The historic buildings that are part of the indelible physiognomy of the city date from the time of Carlos III, two centuries after the decision of Felipe II.

With this history behind it, Madrid offers tourists a vitality and style that makes a favorable difference compared to other older European capitals. A cosmopolitan city par excellence, Madrid brings together all kinds of cultures and races within its urban limits.

The squares, parks, monuments, museums and bars of all kinds are part of the identity of this captivating capital.


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