Why Join My Tours

7 reasons that make my tours stand out from many others

People travel for different reasons and expectations; Sometimes just cannot find a person or an age group to travel with or simply considering a group tour maybe too touristy and impersonal; others after 50s in the most wonderful years of their life, have more chances to enjoy, relax, explore and do many activities.

Let’s make those outstanding travels lasting memories making of your travel adventure a fascinating moment in your life, my passion, knowledge, experience and positive attitude toward contributing to make people happy will embrace your moment. I do not sell travel experiences; I help you to live you own travel experience.

Offering tours in places where I live and move all the year around make me to know those places as the back of my hand, also to be updated about new things to do and changes in destinations. I carefully design all my itineraries and continuously revise and tweak to improve the services I offer on each of my tours, and the overall tour experience.

Some tour operators advertise 15 to 25 people as small group tours. Our concept and promise of small group tours have no more than 8 spaces. This group size makes your travel more intimate, easy to get reservations in places, less hassle waiting for others, and last but no less a personal guiding experience where you do not feel like one more in the middle of the crowd.

Immersive sightseeing and experiences exemplify each region’s character, connecting you with local traditions, understanding the differences of human nature, experiences beyond stereotypes that certainly will bring you back home with fond memories. Unforgettable culinary experiences such as gourmet picnics in beautiful, picturesque locations, compliment regional and authentic fine dining in local traditional restaurants.

Traveling into a new country It is exiting for all its sightseeing opportunities and experiences, but It can be also intimidating with language barriers, large crowds, monetary travel confusion, local traditions and customs, local medical emergencies, etc. I will be with you from the beginning to the end of your tour, I will not pass you on to third party. I will provide you with the added safety and confidence for you to explore each destination in the way that you would like.

There is nothing better than having a real person with local knowledge beside you when traveling; someone who care directly about you, get involves with you in all the activities planned and, it is keen to help you at any time with any question. It is like travelling with a local friend in the places you are visiting in.

Enjoy a seamless experience with Geo´s to manage all logistics and personalize your journey so you can concentrate on having fun. There is always free time on your own during day trips for shopping, exploring, relaxing, etc. so you can do what YOU want to do.

Our peace of mind, flexibility and, zero stress promises, will make you enjoy relaxed breakfasts & leisurely mornings. Longer hotel stays for less time packing & unpacking. Everything is taken care of so you can stop thinking about logistics, the language barrier, and worrying about missing other things. You can simply relax.

You will never feel like being in a group tour, traveling in a REAL small group brings you many advantages than traveling in a bigger group size. I do not believe more than 10 people is a small group.

Advantages of Traveling with me


  • The Expertise you receive.
  • Getting quickly instead of waiting for others
  • Save tremendous amount of time at sightseeing and getting around.
  • Provide end to end experience.
  • Easy to get to know other fellow’s traveller.
  • Know me before you come.
  • Free consultation trip assistance.
  • More attention to detail.
  • Destinations I have been living in.
  • Unbeatable value for a Premium service.
  • Become a group of friends traveling together